No matter how your business is built or which way you are expanding your horizons, with the support of our translation agency, you can be sure that you will communicate perfectly with partners between London and Beijing or New York and Moscow.

We offer a wide range of translation languages, regardless of the required configuration. The basic offer includes nearly 15 languages and – we would like to emphasise – almost 90 for an individual order.

Our translation staff are constantly improving their practical and theoretical language skills. Many years of experience with various projects run by VERTE clients allow us to guarantee the highest grammar and spelling correctness and a precise sense of the style or culture of the text developed. You’ve come to the right place if you want to compile a scientific article or scientific documentation of research work or website in a foreign language. We provide sworn and ordinary translations of standard and specialist texts from various industries of various levels of difficulty.

We are not afraid of unconventional challenges. It is true that they take more time, but the final result always satisfies all parties in the project. Thanks to an extensive network of contacts in the translation industry on five continents, we efficiently reach language experts whose help is needed at any given time.

Our most popular translation languages include:

Translations into foreign languages

It’s certainly worth learning foreign languages, although it gets much harder with age. The fastest learners are children up to 4 years old, as their brain does not yet distinguish between language structures and it’s all the same whether they hear English or German:) This is why bilingual children so often confuse words and mingle words from a second language into their first. Because for them it is all the same. But if you do not know languages and are resistant to learning – you can always count on enthusiasts like us, because translations into foreign languages are not at all foreign to us:) We invite you to our translation agency with any questions regarding various languages and documents prepared in Arabic, Finnish or Dutch. Our team of translators is great at dealing with express delivery requests or translation requests from one foreign language to another foreign language. We work with translators and native speakers from all over Europe.

Among the languages we translate, it is known that English comes first, but this should not surprise anyone, since there are already 1.5 billion people learning English in the world, and every day about 15 new words are created in this language, and every other website is translated into English. Without English there would be no Olympic Games or Miss World competition. It is one of the fastest developing languages in the world and a language without which (along with the development of the Internet) such rapid development in the world would not have been possible. But in the ranking of native languages, English ranks third, with more than 500 million people who declare English as their native language. The first place among languages is occupied by Chinese – because almost 1.4 billion people declare that they use this language as their native language. There are many curiosities when it comes to languages in the world, but although there are so many of them on earth, in fact only 12 of them are used by the vast majority of people.


Do you have an unconventional order? Go ahead and ask; we will definitely try to help!