Translation is an area of ​​the market that is becoming more and more present in the lives of individual clients, companies and governmental institutions. The progress of globalization, development of the European market and world markets, followed by mutual cooperation of companies and institutions on economic, scientific and technical levels, leads to activities that include a translation service as one of the steps.

The VERTE translation agency offers translations of various types of documents – both when it comes to official documents, where sworn (otherwise known as certified) translations are required, as well as ordinary translations, which include all types of specialist translations.

We translate for various industries:

We treat all data and documents provided to us as confidential.
We guarantee timely execution of orders, while the documents for translation are collected and delivered in a manner convenient for the client, e.g. by e-mail, post or courier service.
At the client’s request, specialists from various fields of science, lawyers as well as native speakers are consulted on translations.


Sworn translations

Among the translations we do, there are a large number of sworn translations of English and other European languages. They have their own laws, have a different graphic form and a layout different from ordinary translations. The translator accurately describes in the heading what kind of document was submitted for translation, how many pages it contains and other relevant information about the document – such as: whether the document contains handwritten entries or is sealed. At the end, this type of translation has a special annotation from the translator and a repertory number. They are accounted for at a different rate, according to the regulation of the Minister of Justice it is 1125 cws.


Online translations

In the age of the Internet, where everything is just a click away, our agency also offers you the option of ordering online translations and sending documents without leaving your company or home using the order form or by sending a file to the agency’s email address. After the documents have been sent, they are analysed and priced, and approximately 30 minutes after sending the question you can decide whether to order the translation. So quick and simple, without unnecessary analysis, it remains within our competence to accurately verify the file and select the most suitable translator for it.


Tools in the work of a translator

In the 21st century, the profession of translator has changed significantly from the work of a translator several decades ago. In place of extensive paper dictionaries we now have online dictionaries, of which several dozen can be found on the Internet. Typing has been replaced by computers. And that is not all of the changes, because computer programs have been invented that support the work of the translator, significantly improving his execution of the task and accelerating it. But these are only tools, because in order to do a good job, you need above all the knowledge, skills and experience of the translator. However, each of these tools is part of our work that enables us to finally provide the client with the highest quality product. Our translation agency also uses text and graphic processing tools. By commissioning us to translate complicated technical instructions, which are full of technical drawings, tables and charts, you can count on the support of our graphic designers who will prepare the text and finally receive a document that is identical to the original, but in the language you have chosen. Our task and priority that we set for ourselves is to provide the client with a document that identically reflects the graphic layout and text form while maintaining the highest quality of translation.

Professionalism and quality are the features that guide us at work every day.


We serve clients and provide translations in cities such as Kraków, Katowice, Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań, Rzeszów, Krosno, Lublin, Kielce and others.

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Terms of Cooperation with Translators

All translators working with our agency are subject to the following terms of cooperation. Please read the document.

Terms of Cooperation with Translators 2019